Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire hack-and-slash action game announced for Nintendo Wii

29 June 2007
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An all new hack and slash action game called Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire has been announced for release this fall on the Nintendo Wii. Giving Wii owners a chance to play with dragons like their Playstation 3 counterparts, although this game isn’t quite Lair, but still it looks cool!

Published by D3Publisher of America (D3PA), it’s a third-person action game which allows players to directly control “the powers of a dragon” via the Wiimote and Nunchuck. Attacks include using claws, wings, tail and fire breath to destroy enemies and fight giant bosses in more than 20 unique environments in 6 different worlds.

The game looks pretty fun to me, check out the fire-fighting action in the debut trailer for Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire.
Click on the bottom-right corner arrow to view it full-screen.
“Dragon Blade is one the few hack ‘n slash games that will be available on the Wii this fall and the development team, Land Ho, has done a great job to fully utilize the Wii controls so players will experience parallel movement between themselves and the game avatar like never before,” said Yoji Takenaka, executive vice president and chief operations officer, D3PA.

He concluded that “with its arcade style pick-up and play gameplay, we expect Dragon Blade to appeal to gamers of all ages.”


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