Metal Gear Solid 1 videos guide walks you through the entire storyline, including boss battles, and shows all cut-scenes from beginning to ending

24 June 2007
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Metal Gear Solid for the Sony PS1One of the greatest and most cinematic games of all time is, without a doubt, Metal Gear Solid 1 (MGS) for the original Playstation.

The game not only had great gameplay, but was packed with more voice work than had ever been seen on a console, and a ton of cinematics with a deep storyline that also managed to be emotional, interesting and gripping. From the beginning, through all the game’s twists and turns, to it’s surprise ending.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for GameCubeSo for those that never got to play the fantastic original, feast your eyes on these Full Story Videos, where the emphasis (as someone plays through the game) is in capturing every cut-scene and important story detail (Even codec conversations), along with bouts of gameplay and boss fights, so that you can get the full experience of Metal Gear Solid.

Due to the length and glut of cut-scenes in the game, the videos are divided into nine parts, from the tape briefings (So you will better understand the storyline and the past history of Metal Gear and Solid Snake) to the fantastic finale.

MGS Full Story Part 0 – In the Beginning (Tape Briefings)

MGS Full Story Part 1 (Meryl to Revolver Ocelot)

MGS Full Story Part 2 (Vulcan Raven)

MGS Full Story Part 3 (Grey Fox)

MGS Full Story Part 4 (Psycho Mantis)

MGS Full Story Part 5 (Torture Room)

MGS Full Story Part 6 (Sniper Wolf)

MGS Full Story Part 7 (PAL Key)

MGS Full Story Part 8 – Beginning of the End

MGS Full Story Part 9 – In the End


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