Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved hits Valve’s Steam service for initial $2.95 price. Now compatible with Windows XP

19 June 2007
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Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved logo
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved has found a new home on Valve’s Steam service, which allows PC users to purchase and download games directly to their computer. In addition to allowing play on Windows XP, it will cost a mere $2.95! That is initially, until June 22, when the price will increase to the still super-cheap cost of $3.95.

Previously the PC version, downloadable through MSN Games, was only compatible with Windows Vista, so this is great news for those that have yet to upgrade to Vista yet still want to play Geometry Wars on their computer.

Bizarre Creations extremely addicting arcade-style shooter, Geometry Wars has turned into a pretty big casual game phenomenon since it’s initial release on Xbox 360, with that version selling through the roof and proving the viability of downloading games on a console system (thanks to the pick-up-and-play and addictive nature of the game).

Nintendo even made a big announcement recently (via a Nintendo Power cover-story) that Geometry Wars: Galaxies will now be hitting the Wii and DS this fall.

Check out the shooter madness in a video of the Xbox 360 version.


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