Final Fantasy: Dissidia first video of the PSP fighter shows Sephiroth

Final Fantasy: Dissidia PSP logoSquare-Enix’s upcoming PSP title Final Fantasy: Dissidia is not an RPG, but instead being called a “dramatic progressive action game”.

Dug up from the members-only area of Square-Enix Japan’s website, is this new trailer that shows the Warrior of Light facing off against Sephiroth! In between the cutscenes you’ll find footage that reminisces Kingdom Hearts gameplay with the Warrior of Light fighting against Garland.

Here’s a first look at upcoming fighter:
Click on the bottom-right corner arrow to view it full-screen.

Some more details about how battles will work:
* The game is said to have wireless, though only one-on-one gameplay will be available.
* Fights revolve around the use of an individual set of special skills each character has to do damage to their rivals.
* Each character’s skills are displayed through a command list on the bottom-left corner, which changes based on distance from their enemy and other special factors.
* The battle system also includes evasion and jumping, although the controls are said to be simple enough that even players who aren’t into action games will be okay.
* Destroying pillars and other objects builds up character’s “Brave” meter, which gives them access to new attacks. They also gain an advantage by pounding their opponents, as this causes a special move gauge to build up.
* Special moves include the skills that you’d expect to see given the background story of each character.
* Warrior of Light can transform using a Class Change command. So too can Zidane, making use of a Trance command.
* Warrior of Light also has an Excalibur command, and when facing off long range, gains access to a “Long Range” attack option.
* Build up experience through battle, growing stronger as you rise in level.
* You can also customize your characters with equipment.