Final Fantasy Piano Collections – Cheon Ho Park plays the Final Fantasy 8 Ending Theme

17 June 2007
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Final Fantasy VIII for PSXIn the ninth installment of Cheon Ho Parks “Final Fantasy Piano Collection” renditions, he plays the beautiful and quite epic Final Fantasy VIII Ending Theme.

There will no doubt be different reactions to the placement of the camera in this video, but personally I enjoy simply watching the hands of a pianist as they move across the keyboard. It’s amazing to me how they can remember each key to press and how and when to press it to make the beautiful music that comes out. I was fiddling with a piano a few days ago and I couldn’t seem to press a single key without accidentally hitting the other one next to it . . . maybe that means I should just stick to video games? ๐Ÿ˜›

It’s also funny to hear his mom come in and start talking at the very end just as he’s doing the dramatic last few notes . . . why do parents always seem to interfere just when you are trying to record something important? It’s a nice tune though anyway you slice it.
And if you missed it, watch his previous video for the “To Zanarkand” theme from FFX.


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