Tekken Dark Resurrection, PS3 Store version, gets online fighting in update

16 June 2007
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Tekken: Dark Resurrection for PSPLooks like Tekken will FINALLY be taking the fight online, but maybe not in the way we had expected. Sony has announced that an update is coming that will add online-play to their Playstation Store version of Tekken 3: Dark Resurrection.

The new online mode allows fighters to participate in ranked and nonranked matches, with matchmaking options including an opti match, quick match, custom match, and friend match. Players can also view their opponents’ stats and voice-chat with one another while observing fights that are going on in a viewing mode (Just like the arcade!). A news ticker will scroll on the screen with regular updates on the weekly, monthly, and overall rank leaders.

UPDATE: The online-play download will cost $10 at the Playstation Store.

And the update will not all be online goodness. You’ll also be getting two new single-player modes. Practice mode affords you a virtual dojo, where you can practice your moves, while Survival mode tasks you with defeating as many opponents as possible with a limited health bar.

No release date has been announced for the online update yet, but it will be available both as a patch for those who already purchased the game, or if you download the game after the update has been released, it will be included (of course). Tekken 3: Dark Resurrection is available for download at the Playstation Store on the PS3 for $20. So time to get your fight on and prove your stuff!


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