Best-selling PC adventure game Myst heading to the Nintendo DS in Europe

7 June 2007
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Buy Myst 10th Anniversary DVD Edition for PCToday Midway has announced that Myst is headed to the Nintendo DS in Europe with a release date of November.

The source code will be updated to accommodate the new DS hardware and make it look it’s best on the small screens, and it also includes new sounds, effects and video clips added throughout, it will even include multiple save files for more than one player.

And like with the PSP version (which was released last June in the US, and is coming to Europe later this year) the new DS version will include bonus content in the form of a new “Rime Age”, will be updated with new scenes for the DS version. As for touch-screen support, it will no doubt feature point-and-clicking with the stylus.

Myst DS boxThe DS version of the best-selling point-and-click adventure game does not yet have a US release date, where Ubi-Soft holds the rights (although Midway does publish Myst games in the US with permission from Ubi-Soft). But I’d bet that it will come to US sooner or later.

Before the release of The Sims in 2002, Myst was the best-selling PC game of all time, with over 12 million copies sold worldwide (The Sims would eventually shatter that record).

Key features are:
* All source code has been re-written specifically for Nintendo DS performance and gameplay.
* A complete all NEW Age, the RIME AGE, to explore and uncover mysteries on DS.
* NEW sounds, effects, and video clips added throughout. All newly created graphic sets for the added RIME AGE specifically done for the DS.
* Newly re-mastered Video and Audio.
* Save Multiple games for various players.


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