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6 June 2007
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Condemned: Criminal Origins for Xbox 360Condemned 2: Bloodshot will be arriving early in 2008 and is the sequel to the 2005 Xbox 360 & PC game Condemned: Criminal Origins. The game is being developed by Monolith Productions and published by Sega for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Ethan Thomas (this time not voiced by Greg Gunberg), the former Serial Crimes Unit investigator, will be called back to duty to track down his missing partner. A recent interview the developers also talks about the new fighting mechanics and online multiplayer.

Question: Arguably, Criminal Origin’s best feature was its storyline. What’s the plot this time around? Plus, since Ethan is back, does it mean that we’ll find out what it was that happened to him in the bathroom at the end of the first game and how many months or years have passed since then?
Frank Rooke, Lead Game Designer answers: The story takes place about a year after the first game. Ethan has really bottomed out due to the bizarre events he experienced during that time and his inability to make sense of it all. He’s a battered soul filled with anger, hatred and a smoldering drive to make someone pay for the pain he suffers.

Bloodshot will definitely answer many questions that were posed during the first game, but more importantly, players will connect with Ethan on a multitude of levels that will make resolutions more poignant. The first game was solely about fear and confusion, in Condemned 2, Ethan is back and playing by his own rules.

Ethan Thomas in Condemned 2Will Greg Grunberg be reprising his role as Ethan or is Heroes such a huge show now that Officer Parkman is unavailable for comment?
Producer Dave Hasle answers: Actually Greg Grunberg was interested in working with us on Condemned 2: Bloodshot. We were very happy with the voice-work he performed for us and it’s kind of cool to say we “knew him when.” We’ve taken a darker turn with Ethan and wanted to find a voice that better represented that “edgy darkness.”

What’s the most important new gameplay element you had to include for Condemned 2: Bloodshot?
Rooke answers: Condemned 2: Bloodshot is an entirely new game. This is not an enhancement or a 1.5 version in any respect. The most important gameplay element in Condemned 2: Bloodshot is not necessarily a single feature but a philosophy, a goal if you will, to add depth and variety to all facets of the game. This applies to combat, forensics, story, and other peripheral things the player can do.

For example, melee combat is now more than just swinging a pipe; the player can duke it out with fists, throw objects, crack heads open with bottles, ignite enemies with tasers, throw them headfirst into TV’s and much more. In fact, the list of opportunities is huge and the AI will be right there to challenge the player, pushing him to experiment and utilize all these options in order to survive.

The first piece of character art that was released showed Ethan looking a shambles. However, it does appear as though he’s holding multiple weapons. Will players be able to wield more than one hurtin’ stick this time or is that just character art and we should take nothing from it?
Rooke answers: Ethan relies heavily on hand-to-hand fighting — and he is damn good at it! It is possible for him to holster a firearm while holding a melee weapon or using his fists. How badass Ethan is, and in what way, will strictly be up to the player.

How about weapon types? What’s coming back and what’s new? Can we expect more gun or blade items?
Hasle answers: There are definitely fond memories with some of the weapons in Condemned: Criminal Origins. The pipe for example, will definitely be coming back, along with several other favorites. We’ve greatly expanded our weapons to now include thrown weapons, such as bottles or a billiards ball; as well as increased the number of general weapons and mission-specific weapons to be found.

Multiplayer has been mentioned as one of the new features. Is this a cop vs. bad guys sort of thing complete with death matches and similar modes, or is it a co-op setup ala Gears of War?
Tarl Raney, Associate Producer, answers: Yes, Bloodshot will feature a robust multiplayer component [with deathmatch and similar elements, but no co-op]. We are working on several gameplay modes that will allow players to bring some of the trademark single player elements into a brutal multiplayer environment but we’ll have more on that later.

I have to ask. What was with the 970 achievement points in the original? Whatever happened to those extra 30 points?
Rooke answers: Well, that was a minor goof on our part… We wanted to save 30 points for future content but unintentionally maxed out on the number of achievements for the game. We were left with no way to make up the missing thirty points. If nothing else this error has turned into a great conversation piece!

Will it support the full 1000 points this time AND Home trophies?
Hasle answers: You bet!

Full interview at IGN.


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