New SimCity 5 sequel being built by EA (renamed SimCity Societies)

5 June 2007
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SimCity 5 reborn coverAmerican magazine Games for Windows mentions that their next issue has the scoop on the next SimCity sequel, SimCity 5. This confirms the next SimCity is in development at Electronic Arts.

To quote the 1UP teaser: “We take a world exclusive first look at the revival of a classic PC series. Which one? Sorry, we’re big teases like that. Also, hear the universe sigh as we unlock our first Achievement in Halo 2 for Windows Vista.”

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition screenshotOf course they didn’t mention the title by name, but their next issue’s cover reveals “SimCity Reborn!” Some online listings put the game up for an October or November 9th 2007 release date. While those dates are just rumor, when announcing new games, EA has in the past mentioned that “There’s a new SimCity game in the pipeline. Those things alone are all new, relative to fiscal 2007.” This according to EA chief financial officer Warren Jenson during a November 2006 postearnings conference call that GS attended. Their fiscal year ends in calendar year March 2008, so it could go either way. — Picture via Neogaf.

June 6th update: Online game store Gamestop lists the PC game’s title as Sim City Societies with a November 13th 2007 release date, at a price of $49.99.

June 7th update: President & Director of Development of the new developer Tilted Mill Entertainment, Chris Beatrice, responds to criticism of the choice for a realistic urban simulator: “I do not want to mislead anyone: This SC is not a realistic urban simulation, which I understand, to many, represents the heart of what SC is. No one is blind to that. And if you’re just completely turned off, even angered by the mere notion of any game called ‘SimCity’ that is not a detailed, realistic urban simulator, I absolutely understand that viewpoint, and absolutely respect it. I do want to say, though (with no insult intended to die hard SC fans) that we are absolutely thrilled to be a part of this venerable series, are extremely proud of what we have put together, and make no apologies about what we have managed to create. And while our past experiences (including contributions from many of you) certainly inform all our ongoing efforts, this SC is its own unique creation.”


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