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29 May 2007
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Ouendan 2 is out now in JapanAfter the Japanese music rhythm DS game “Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan“, Americans (and on July 13 Europeans) got their own unique English version called “Elite Beat Agents“.

Two weeks ago Japan got their own sequel “Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! 2” and this is some trial gameplay footage of a Japanese store demo. Let’s hope there’ll be a Elite Beat Agents 2 too.

Below is a list in order of appearance of all 19 artists and their songs (last 3 are unlockable) that are in Ouendan 2.

1. Sukima Switch — “Zenryoku Shōnen”
2. Kaela Kimura — “Real Life Real Heart”
3. FLOW — “Okuru Kotoba”
4. Ken Hirai — “POP STAR”
5. Hitomi Yaida — “Go my way”
6. The Checkers — “Julia ni Shōshin”
7. Going Under Ground — “VISTA”
8. Home Made Kazoku — “Shōnen Heart”
9. mihimaru GT — “Kibun Jōjō ↑↑”
10. Hotei Tomoyasu — “Bambina”
11. SMAP –“BANG! BANG! Vacances!”
12. AI — “Believe”
13. Kishidan — “Zoku”
14. Porno Graffitti — “Music Hour”
15. Hyde — “COUNTDOWN”
16. Sambomaster — “Sekai wa Sore o Ai to Yobunda ze”
17. Orange Range — “Monkey Magic”
18. NANA starring Mika Nakashima — “Glamorous Sky”
19. ZZ — “Samurai Blue”

Here’s a demo of the “Zenryoku Shōnen” song:

Here’s a demo of the “POP STAR” song:

A Ouendan 2 promo trailer:


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