Madden NFL 08 and FIFA 08 also go online on Wii

29 May 2007
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American games magazine Nintendo Power has revealed online modes for the Wii version of the multiplatform sports games Madden NFL 08 and FIFA 08. Good to see Nintendo letting developers like EA go online now, following the already online versions on Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles.

Pre-order Madden NFL 08 for WiiMadden 08 details:
* Exhibition match-ups
* Online lobby with real-time leaderboards
* EA Locker features
* EA “My Profile” when online, which includes country of origin, win/loss record, defensive percentage, overall ranking, and 5-star
reputation score
* ESPN ticker updates
* Promised downloadable content such as roster updates planned for late 2008, early 2009
* Friend Code Implementation: Unknown as of right now, interface will be similar from other versions. Wii players will be able to
randomly play against an opponent.
* No voice chat, but will offer EA’s instant-messaging system
* Offline: 22-mini-game party mode, which allow players to play new drills such as the 40-yard dash. Also includes a football-trivia
mini-game. Your performance in party mode will also affect your party mode rating, which can go as high as 99. This rating is recorded via your system’s own Mii roster.

FIFA 08 details:
* Instant head-to-head action with worldwide gamers
* Online tournaments can be joined by the player through the Virtual League.
* Up-to-the-moment roster updates
* Offline: Full Mii roster functionality with mini-games and more. — Written out by Gonintendo.


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