R-Type Tactics strategy spin-off on PSP. Irem confirms R-Type Final on PS2 was the last shooter in the series

24 May 2007
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R-Type Final for PS2The latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed R-Type Tactics for the PSP. Instead of another classic shooter, Irem is making a strategy spin-off to the series. When the game’s producer Kazuma Kujo was asked why they made this game into a strategy game, he answered: “The R-Type series came to an end with R-Type Final, so with the new game, Irem wants you to think ‘this is new.'” The game will be released later in 2007 in Japan.

R-Type Tactics PSP screenshotAs you can see from the picture to your right, R-Type Tactics looks like a traditional shooting game (more R-Type Tactics screenshots), right down to the side-scrolling perspective and walls blocking your path. The difference is that instead of freely moving about and blasting enemy ships, you take turns with the enemy, making careful movements over a grid. Perform an attack, and the game switches to an effect-filled attack sequence.

R-Type Tactics PSP logo

IGN translated that the new game includes weapons as well as boss characters similar to those in the shooter series. The “force” sub-weapons play a big part as well, adding extra power to your ship.

Modes of play include a single player mission mode and an ad-hoc-based battle mode for multiplayer. It’s not sure at the moment if there’ll be a story mode wrapping an absurd storyline around the game, but fans will at least get an image gallery on the UMD disc. — Pictures via Neogaf


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