Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 4 in development as Gyakuten Saiban 5 in Japan

24 May 2007
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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for DSCapcom’s president Tsujimoto has announced that the fifth Japanese installment of adventure game Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright) is in development according to Bloomberg, that would make the title of a possible Western version Ace Attorney 4.

The first two games starring Phoenix Wright have been released outside of Japan, with the third one, Trials and Tribulations, coming later in 2007.

The Gyakuten Saiban 4 was released mid-April this year in Japan and is already the highest selling game of the series with half a million copies sold! Hopefully that attorney simulation game and the above announced one will be released outside of Japan like all previous DS games/ports. The reason the Western numbering of the series is one behind of the Asian count is because the Japanese Gyakuten Saiban 3 for the GameBoy Advance was never ported to DS, instead Capcom started making new games in the series for DS. — Via Britishgaming.


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