Deus Ex 3 sequel will be developed at Eidos

Deus Ex for PCDeus Ex is an action FPS series with RPG elements that is still in many best-games-ever lists. The game was created by Warren Spector and John Romero’s Ion Storm and originally released by Eidos in 2000. The game received a sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible War, in 2003, but since then the FPS-RPG series had been missing in action. Ion Storm shut its doors in 2005, Warren Spector is working on a different game with his new Junction Point Studios, and the creative head of Deus Ex: Invisible War, Harvey Smith, is working at Midway on Blacksite: Area 51. Details are slim, but Eidos finally confirmed a revival of the Deus Ex series for a third game.

In a recent interview on French-language TV station MusiquePlus the director of Eidos France, Patrick Melchior, revealed a new Deus Ex game is in the works. The revival of the franchise is the “first mission” of Eidos’ 30-40 people big new Montreal studio that will open in September 2007, translate Lenir and IGN.

Expect to hear more about the next Deus Ex game in a few months. Till then, here’s the original “save the world” trailer: