Parappa papa and Vib Ribbon developer working on 1-button Wii game

PaRappa The Rapper for PlayStationNanaOn-Sha boss Masaya Matsuura, the creator behind PlayStation classics like PaRappa The Rapper and Vib Ribbon, said he is planning developing of a Wii game and actual development will officially begin “soon, maybe”.

He went on to reveal that NanaOn-Sha has been working on “a very casual, one-button game”, but declined to offer any further details. “Maybe the publisher will announce the release soon,” Matsuura said. “It’s a very simple game, but I hope it will be successful.”

Vib Ribbon for PlayStation (European version)He believes the reason the Wii is “currently” outdoing PS3 in the sales stakes is because Sony’s next-gen console is “too big” for Japanese consumer tastes, and that it’s not the price or available games, but added that “of course they have a chance to recover over time.”

Mr. Matsuura continued: “With Xbox 360, the problem is not the size of the hardware but of the AC adapter.” On the other ‘hand’ he said: “Wii is a very good piece of hardware. Many talented people from Nintendo make great ideas for game hardware, of course. Already I’ve been starting to think about Wii software, but it’s very hard sometimes. Because can you keep shaking the controller for hours? Players can’t spend a long time on gameplay, so this can be tough. So I respect Nintendo’s activities, but for software designers like us, it’s very hard.” — Via GI