Official Halo 3 Betalicious multiplayer video from Bungie

11 May 2007
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Pre-order Halo 3 for Xbox 360Bungie asked Mr. Jukes, an internal beta tester on Halo 3, to put together an amusing “Betalicious” video that uses Halo 3’s save system. If you include the Halo 3 Alpha and Beta, he’s played about 1,100 games so far!

To quote: “Before you check out Mr. Jukes’ Halo 3 video debut, please keep in mind that this video [with lots of jumping] was produced using the internal beta version of Halo 3. This means it’s a bit older than what the rest of the world will start playing [on May 16]. It also means that it has all sorts of debug text all over it – this won’t be in the [multiplayer beta] version you get your hands on.”

Lots of Spartan Laser destruction to be had.
PS: Halo 2 this week hit 5 million online players!


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