Impossible Mission to be released via the Wii Shop Channel (not as a Commodore 64 Virtual Console download)

4 May 2007
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Impossible Mission on Commodore 64The Preview section of the June issue of the U.S. Nintendo Power magazine, reports a remake of the classic Epyx game, Impossible Mission, is coming to Nintendo Wii via the Shop Channel. So NOT as a downloadable Commodore 64 1984 version on Virtual Console.

This modern remake of the platform game was announced by developer System 3 several months ago, but this is the first confirmation about how it will be released to Wii owners. It’s something Nintendo hinted at a while ago, but this is the first confirmation of a non-Virtual Console title to be released via the Wii Shop Channel as you order the game through it. Infendo also mentions an actual game card of the game will be released for the Nintendo DS as well.

By the way this isn’t the Tom Cruise vehicle Mission Impossible, although the premise seems similar…

In Impossible Mission you play a secret agent attempting to stop an evil genius. Professor Elvin Atombender is believed to be tampering with national security computers. The player must penetrate Atombender’s stronghold, racing against the clock to search the installation for pieces which form a password, all the while avoiding his deadly robots.

Once in possession of all the password pieces, the player must correctly assemble the password pieces together and use the completed password in the main control room door where the evil professor is hiding.


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