Retro 1989 video game preview for the NEC TurboGrafx16, Sega Genesis, Nintendo GameBoy and Atari Lynx

3 May 2007
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Sega GenesisThis Nickelodeon TV show called Total Panic acts as a time capsule from 1989. The following video footage will show Total Panic hosts, Greg Lee and Molly Scott give a video game preview/review of some of the hottest “Next Gen” consoles of the day, NEC TurboGrafx 16, Sega Genesis, Nintendo GameBoy, and the Atari Lynx. Andy Eddy from Video Games & Computer Entertainment Magazine was on to give a first look at all of the newest handhelds and consoles. Take a trip back in time:

Sadly after 18 years of storage at Wiinintendo the videotape is in terrible condition so it drops image frames every few seconds, but the audio keeps going, so it’s still great to watch/hear how the new graphics are like a painting. 😀


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