Puzzle Quest 2 sequel promised by the creators Infinite Interactive who are now making Sci-Fi-Puzzler Galactrix

3 May 2007
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Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords for PSPThe PSP and DS versions of the puzzle/RPG hybrid Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords were released as recently as March, but a Puzzle Quest Xbox Live Arcade version is already in the works for release this summer. In a recent interview with the game’s creators Infinite Interactive, they were asked if they were surprised by the success of the game that mixes a traditional puzzler with strategy, role-playing elements and a persistent storyline.

Steve Fawkner, CEO and Lead Designer at Infinite Interactive answers: “Puzzle Quest is actually the 17th game on which I’ve been Lead Designer, and I find there comes a point usually about halfway through a project when you know if the game you’re working on is really good. Puzzle Quest was giving out those vibes very early in development, so we knew we’d stumbled onto something pretty cool, if we could just finish it, polish it and give it all the love it deserved. So, we weren’t surprised by its success. What did surprise us though was the lightning quick acceptance and popularity it gained throughout the gaming community within just a few short weeks of launch.”

When asked if they were working on Puzzle Quest 2, they answered: “We have enjoyed creating (and playing) Puzzle Quest so much that I think we wanted to start on a sequel the day the game was released. The right thing to do, though, is to spend some time gathering ideas, discussing new features, and listening to our customers before we dive right in and start work on a sequel. But I can almost guarantee that, barring the most unfortunate Act of God, you haven’t seen the last Puzzle/RPG hybrid to come out of Infinite Interactive.”

While Puzzle Quest isn’t out on PC (yet?) there is a Puzzle Quest Demo you can download.

But what about future games from Infinite Interactive? Mr. Fawkner answer: “We are currently working on Galactrix: a Sci-Fi / Puzzle game hybrid that blends some features of space simulations like Elite & Starflight with puzzle games. We also have a couple of other secret projects in the pipeline that will mix together some other genres with puzzles. You’ll no doubt be hearing about those in the coming months.”

It’ll be fun to see what they’ll throw in and cook up next. Read the rest of the interview that includes Puzzle Quest tips.

If you’re a fan, I suggest going to the official Infinite Interactive forum and leave a comment on one of the sequel posts, so they can read it and add it to the next game.


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