PS4, PS5, PS6 (to PS9) consoles being planned by the Sony PlayStation creator for his network vision

Sony PlayStation 3The Father of PlayStation is inventor Ken Kutaragi, who will retire as chairman and group CEO of SCEI this summer. But that doesn’t mean he’ll retire from work, he’s been asked to remain on as Honorary Chairman at SCEI and Senior Technology Advisor for Sony Corporation.

Despite the PS3 just being launched worldwide, Mr. Kutaragi said he previously turned over to Sony’s PS3 design team his vision for reducing costs along with design models extending about two years into the future, 2009 sounds about right for a slimline PSthree console re-release! “Now I’m ready to start working with a much wider world,” Kutaragi said, and as such he’s already thinking ahead about the PS4 and beyond.

In an interview with EE Times, Mr. Kutaragi said: “As a matter of course, I have the vision of PlayStation 4, 5 and 6, which will merge into the network.”

New in 2078 will be Sony’s “announced” PS9 release*! 😉

* This is actually a funny TV commercial created by Sony themselves to promote the PS2.

The real question now is if Mr. Kutaragi is talking about the virtual network that will be called Home on PS3, or if he’s talking about a much bigger vision. A vision he mentioned in his his keynote address “Next-Generation Entertainment Created by the PS3″ at the Tokyo Game Show 2006, where he explained the PS4 in 2016 could have a Global Mapping System network. This would allow users to recreate the Grand Canyon from video and picture footage and make that location playable in Gran Turismo!

Creating a new world on the network is the next challenge Mr. Kutaragi has in mind, following the desgin and development of computer entertainment on the Playstation. “The design concept of the Cell processor is the network processor,” he stressed. When the PS3 was introduced last year, Kutaragi said the network environment was not ready for a net-based game console.

“Now it has become possible, so why not enter?” he said.