Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings intro video and Epic Battle gameplay

29 April 2007
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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings on DS continues where FFXII on PS2 left youFinal Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings from Square Enix for Nintendo DS tells the story of Vaan and Panelo, two of the main characters from FFXII. Vaan is 18 years old in the game, and has just fulfilled his dream of getting his own airship. He keeps himself free of politics and family life and travels around as a sky pirate. The 17-year-old Panelo serves as his navigator. Together they fly across the land, seeking adventure.

Take the first few steps with this intro in a beautiful handheld RPG adventure you won’t soon forget. It’s released in Japan, where it sold 180,000 on its first day, so now you get to see some in-game videos before it’s released in 2007 in English.

In the following Epic Battle gameplay you take charge and lead a group of characters into battle against some fierce opponents.


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