The winner of our Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl competition. Everyone else can tell us what game you’d like to win next time!

Pokemon Pearl for Nintendo DSThe past week we’ve given you the chance to win a free game, in our Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl competition, if you gave us the best reason why you should win.

We got a ton of great comments from Pokefans and we heartily thank everyone who participated. But only one can win, so we have now selected the winner. We applaud anyone who’d go through half the trouble this Pokemon fan would go through to play video games, and so with pleasure we give the choice of Nintendo DS Pokemon game to….

Josh Yarnell, who wins a free copy of Pokemon Pearl!

Congratulations to the winner! Pokemon Pearl will be sent to you via on Pokemon’s launch day, April 22nd, if you respond to our email with your address by then. Have fun playing!

To everyone else who didn’t win, tell us what game you’d like to win in our next competition!? Let us know by leaving a comment below. — Have a great weekend, Astro & Supa