Secret Wii Opera browser controls

Nintendo WiiHere is a full list of Wii Opera browser commands that you can do with the Wii Remote controller to more easily navigate with the browser:

Secret Commands:

B + Directional pad up: Refresh current page

B + Directional pad down: Favorites/Bookmarks

B + Directional pad left: Search current page

B + Directional pad right: Enter new URL (similar to address bar in your common browser)

B + (-) key : Go Back a page (similar to back button on your browser)

B + (+) Key: Go forward one page (similar to Forward button on your browser)

Regular Commands:

A: Select/Click

Hold B: Free Scroll (much like pressing middle mouse click and moving the cursor in the way you want to scroll)

2 Button: Switch between Automatic or Manual zoom

(+) Key: Zoom in (if in manual zoom mode)
(-) Key: Zoom out (if in manual zoom mode)

Directional pad up: Scroll page up

Directional pad down: Scroll page down

Directional pad left: Scroll page left

Directional pad right: Scroll page right

Thanks to Shogun for making the list.