Boom Boom Rocket is the Xbox Live Arcade release this Wednesday

11 April 2007
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1600 Microsoft Points Card for use on Xbox LiveFrom today, April 11 at 9AM GMT (2AM PDT), you can play Bizarre Creations’ Boom Boom Rocket on Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360. It will be available in America, Canada, and Europe for 800 Microsoft Points (that’s $10 / €9.60 / £6.80). The game also will be available in the near future in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

It’s the first music-rhythm game to appear on Xbox Live Arcade. Players trigger firework rockets to the beat of the music while traveling through a city. Take a look:
Click on the bottom-right corner arrow to view it full-screen.

Key game features are:

* Renowned developer: Boom Boom Rocket was developed by Bizarre Creations, who brought Project Gotham Racing 3 to Xbox 360, and fan favorite Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved to Xbox Live Arcade.
* Music and rhythm: Trigger rockets to the beat of the music while traveling through a 3-D cityscape. The better you time the explosions, the more spectacular the fireworks effects.
* Original soundtrack: The fireworks are choreographed to 10 original tracks created by composer Ian Livingstone.
* Difficulty levels: The game features three modes of play, Normal, Speed, and Multiplayer head-to-head (offline). Each song is choreographed into three skill levels to ensure that everyone can join in the fun.
* Combos and bonuses: Successfully chain fireworks to fill the bonus meter and activate the psychedelic bonus mode for extra points. Unlock new firework designs by mastering each music track.
* Unique offering: Boom Boom Rocket is the first music rhythm game available on Xbox Live Arcade.
* Freestyle mode: No target line or scoring, just mash buttons to create cool fireworks shows.
* Gamerscore: Earn up to 12 Achievements and 200 Gamerscore points.


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