Nintendo GDC 2007 Keynote video (showing history & future vision)

Nintendo WiiAs mentioned previously in the GDC award winners list, today we’re doing some catching up with the Game Developers Conference from a month ago.

We finish up with Nintendo who didn’t announce any new games at the time, but did share — Nintendo Senior Managing Director — Shigeru Miyamoto’s creative vision. Prepare to laugh your ass off, because this man isn’t only a videogame genius, he’s also hilarious, showing you his thoughts like his Wife-o-Meter that measures the interest of his wife into gaming from zero with Donkey Kong to very high with the arrival of the DS Lite and Wii. Take a look at the conference in four parts:

Click on the bottom-right corner arrow to view it full-screen.

In part two Nintendo’s vision is shared:

In part three Wii games are discussed:

In part four more ideas and Super Mario Galaxy are shown:

Watch the full Nintendo GDC 2007 Keynote video at Gamespot.