NiGHTS 2: Journey of Dreams connects online to use the live Forecast Channel to change in-game weather

4 April 2007
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nights 2 wii screenshotSega Europe updated their NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams page to show the new features the Wii game has when it gets released in winter 2007. Except those features weren’t supposed to be known yet, so they’ve been taken off the page again. But for you, here they are:

Persona masks open new possibilities:
Three sets of masks give the player new shape-shifting abilities and more ways to explore each of the 7 worlds. No doubt, you’ll need all masks to see and finish every level.

* Dragon mask: Transforms NiGHTS into a huge dragon and makes him resistant to wind effects.
* Dolphin mask: NiGHTS can change into a dolphin and explore under water.
* Rocket mask: NiGHTS takes the shape of a rocket and travels at supersonic speeds.

Wii connect 24 features:
Exchange items with friends via the network and change the scenery according to real-world seasons using the Forecast Channel.

Wow, those live weather changes converting to different landscapes in in-game levels sounds very innovative! Add in that two-player mode and this unique flight-action Wii-exclusive sequel could be shaping up nicely.


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