Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of The Mummy brings more adventure gaming to DS in late 2007

Sherlock Holmes: Mystery Of The Mummy on PCYes, after point-and-click adventure Sinking Island was delayed to Q4 2006 on DS, it will be joined by a Sherlock Holmes game on DS.

While the original PC version of Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of The Mummy was released back in 2002, Nintendo DS adventure gamers will later in 2007 get a chance to take the game on the road. Become Sherlock Holmes as you embark on a remarkable adventure. Investigate a mysterious of the disappearance of a famous archaeologist and a valuable Egyptian Mummy, in turn-of-the-century England.

Sherlock Holmes: Mystery Of The Mummy PC screenshotSherlock Holmes: Mystery of The Mummy is inspired by the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. What begins as a simple case quickly becomes a web of intrigue, robbery, priceless artifacts, and potentially, a murder. You find yourself in a puzzling universe full of interesting twists: an isolated mansion, where a mysterious mummy seems to live – and that’s not all you have to watch out for. Your skills as an investigative sleuth will be tested as you attempt to uncover the truth, exploring the cursed rooms, solving the many puzzles and riddles. A strange murder, uncertain leads, an illusive enemy, and the disappearance of the famous ancient mummy… the plot is thick with the wonders of Ancient Egypt.

Prepare yourself for a great adventure. Elementary… I think not. Don’t forget to try out The Mystery of The Mummy PC demo that developer Frogwares still has online for download.

Key features in the game are:

* Inspired by the writings and characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
* An involving storyline in true Sherlock Holmes style.
* Wonderfully appointed, atmospheric and graphically detailed mansion.
* 5 different levels of gameplay.
* Many rooms to search, all uniquely decorated and furnished.
* Numerous interesting objects to search for, collect and use during gameplay.
* Exceptional puzzles of differing complexity.
* Interesting characters to interact with.

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