Wii gets guitar and helm controller attachments!

Guitar Hero Wii controllerA French site that we know nothing about but 100% trust has the first picture of the Wii Remote Attachment Guitar Controller that will come with Guitar Hero II on Wii. I haven’t spoken French in years, but the news seems to say the PS2 guitar will not be entirely reproduced in order to benefit fully from the Wiimote capabilities. It turns out you have to wildly flail your wrist to mimic the missing effect of a complete guitar.

Another Wii Remote Controller attachment, The ThinkGeek WiiHelm, is sure to revolutionize gaming as we know it. The problem with the active Wii games is that the average gaming geek is just not up to the strenuous task of vigorous arm movement for longer than 10 minutes, so with this helm you can play Wii Sports as it was meant to be played!
Very… original! 😆

PS: The Super Mario Galaxy Demo on the Wii Shop Channel April Fools joke almost got me, because I want it so bad!