Stop-motion Mario in lego-land

27 March 2007
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You can never get enough Mario!

Some very talented individual decided to use his talents and create an entertaining little Super Mario Bros. video . . . out of legos! And who doesn’t love lego art?

Gotta dig the home-made sound effects as well. A part of me thinks that the video might have been cooler with actual Mario sound effects . . . while the other part of me thinks that the video would’ve simply lost some of it’s unique charm if they were included. I mean, everyone uses them . . . why not make your own?

Bravo to whoever made this.

Update 17 years later when this got real popular in China:

Re-embedded the classic Dailymotion video. It was actually created by Clément SCHAFFNER.

To quote what inspired his creation: “Après le Tetris en sucre, l’inimitable Mario Bros. en Lego… Les sucres sont conservés sous cloche, on les garde précieusement…”.

Which badly translated into: “After the sugar Tetris, the inimitable Mario Bros. in Lego… The sugars are kept under a bell jar, we keep them carefully…” So the answer is he ate too much sugar and this stop-motion Lego Mario level was created ha ha! >_<


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