Burnout 5 uses PS3 Eye Toy HD and Xbox 360 Live Vision cameras online

Xbox 360 Live Vision CameraBurnout 5 is coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year. Criterion’s director of design, Alex Ward, has now revealed some new info.

When asked what direction Criterion is taking with Burnout 5, Ward explained: “How you use the controller is key, how you play the game online, how you use the HD Eye Toy and the 360 Vision Camera online is really important.”

While the Xbox 360 camera has been out since last year with a no-fun hand gesture controller game TotemBall, the PS3’s camera is still a mystery. With a rumored release date in April, it’ll be interesting to see if the new Eye Toy HD will implement the promised ideas from the movie Minority Report. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking and the cameras are only meant to show your face in your car, which would still be cool. — Quotes from CVG