Beads . . . Gotta have beads! Mario Kart beads!

27 March 2007
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Yes ok, I went a little overboard with the whole word “bead” there in the subject, didn’t I. It’s just such a funny sounding word to me . . . Yes, I did have to stop myself from repeating it again just now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I randomly came across these two great works of bead-art while browsing through a blog.

You’ve got Toad and Princess Peach looking all beautifully bead-y, kart and all. It’s almost enough to make me wanna start beading myself . . . .Toad Bead Art

Peach Bead Art

Ok sorry, sorry. I apologize. I will never say “bead” again! . . . D’OH!


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