Angry Video Game Nerd re-reviews Ghostbusters games

Ghostbusters on NESAt the start of this month the Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed Ghostbusters on NES and we warned you to not tell him there’s a NES game sequel. Well, he figured it out (or worse bought it as a kid) and is saving it for later, but right now he’s diving into alternate versions.

He just couldn’t get over how bad it was. In part two of his ‘busters trilogy, The Nerd takes a look at some other console incarnations (Atari 2600 & Sega Master System) of this craptastic movie to game adaption.
If you cannot get enough of the videogame nerd, watch below what happens when the always happy Amanda Mackay does an uncensored interview with your favorite angry gamer:

I said: “:lol:” — Via GT TV