3D Realms screwed up Duke Nukem Forever

duke nukem forever boxart“You’re STILL waiting for Duke Nukem Forever? More like Duke Nukem ForNEVER, am I right? I’m right! Ha ha.” Those are the kind of lame jokes Duke Nukem 3D fans have been hearing for a decade. That I personally still find them amusing, since they are so corny, is besides the point. The point is that everyone knows along the way 3D Realms screwed up by leaving their fans at the time waiting and waiting.

3D Realms is publicly starting to admit they screwed up, now that Duke Nukem Forever could finally become a reality. To quote a Yougamers interview response from studio CEO Scott Miller:

Duke Nukem Forever in-game screen“First, we fully admit we’re screwed up the development of DNF, and it’s now an industry joke. I laugh (and cry) when I think about it, too. Our fault is that we set the bar too high, and we tried too hard to make the game to beat all games. In the last 18 months we’ve taken a much more realistic look at the project, we’ve hired a truckload of experienced help, and I personally believe we are now on the right track, finally.”

1up adds that Duke Nukem Forever won’t come out in 2007, but at least we’ve already seen the above shown in-game teaser indicative that a PC (followed by console versions) game unveiling should come in 2007.