Star Wars Battlefront III coming as an Xbox 360 exclusive from the creators of GoldenEye

21 March 2007
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Star Wars Battlefront II for Xbox (plays on Xbox 360 too)The March issue of UK magazine PlayStation World (PSW) made a surprising announcement in the middle of their Star Wars retrospective feature. On page 65, PSW states that Free Radical Design (the creators GoldenEye and TimeSplitters) is developing the next/third iteration of Star Wars Battlefront.

To quote the magazine: “Star Wars Battlefront III is also currently in development, with LucasArts having switched coders from Pandemic Studios – who made Battlefront I and Battlefront II – to Free Radical… Star Wars Battlefront III is listed as an Xbox 360 exclusive, but expect a full PSW review to before the end of the year.”

The magazine doesn’t think it will stay Xbox 360 exclusive and will come to PS3 later in 2007, which makes sense since Star Wars Battlefront II appeared on PC, Xbox, PS2 & PSP back in 2005. While LucasArts hasn’t made an official announcement yet, we thought this was too good to pass up on. Let’s hope we’ll hear/see more about the online multiplayer shooter soon.


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