Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation flies to Xbox 360

21 March 2007
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Ace Combat 6 on Xbox 360
The latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed Namco Bandai’s AC Team has Ace Combat 6: Kaiho e no Senbi (Fires of Liberation) in development for Xbox 360. The development team consists of Ace Combat 04 director Hiroyuki Ichiyanagi as the game’s producer, with Ace Combat 04 planner and Ace Combat 5 main planner Natsuki Isaki taking on directorial responsibilities.

No PS3 version was announced, but it might be announced for it later on, knowing Namco Bandai’s Ridge Racer 6 was exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 since its launch until appearing on Sony’s PS3 at their launch a year later.

Ace Combat 6 will feature:
* A Dynamic Mission system (a new gameplay system), which allows for dynamically changing, large scale battles. During missions, you fight alongside a number of ally pilots and squads whom you can send them off to perform separate tasks. Success in some of these mini-missions may be required in order to clear a stage, but this isn’t always the case. As you clear tasks, new ones will present themselves, expanding the battle in new ways. The game supports up to six tasks simultaneously.

* Xbox Live support will also play a big part in the game. Not surprising, considering how great the online play in Ridge Racer 6 turned out. We can look forward to online battle royal and team battle. Or, if everyone is feeling friendly, a cooperative play option lets all human players group together to take on a powerful enemy force.

* A ranking mode, and even has plans for downloads. The downloads will actually be kicking off well before the game’s release. On Friday, the marketplace will take delivery of themes and icons.

* Options for the beginner pilots out there. The game includes options for a simplified control scheme, as well as settings that keep you flying even if you manage to crash your plane into the ground.

* Last but not least, the first next-gen Ace Combat game will of course have improvement in visual quality.

Translations from Japanese by IGN, scan via Neogaf.


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