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20 March 2007
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Theme Park on DS out todayFirst released in 1994 on PC, today Theme Park is back for more on the Nintendo DS where you create, manage and develop your very own fun-filled park, packed with amazing rides, enticing shops and addictive sideshows, then add staff and entertainers – all via the Touch Screen interface.

Throw open your gates and let the public judge your efforts. Use your skills to maintain an exciting, varied and safe park and your takings will soar – broken rides, bad planning and a messy environment will keep visitors away.

Balance the budget, keep shops stocked and develop new rides and features to ensure your park’s success, then take your skills on a world tour, with unique attractions and staff to add a local flavor. See the simulation gameplay in action:

Key features include:

User-friendly Controls: Use the Nintendo DS stylus and Touch Screen to create and manage every aspect of your park using the top screen and Touch Screen to view and run your park. Place, adjust or remove everything from paths and water slides to bouncy castles and merry-go-rounds.

Get a Helping Hand: Become an instant Theme Park expert with guidance from your hand-picked Advisor.

Interact With Staff: Fill your park with willing workers, encourage their efforts with speed-boosting stylus taps. Task mechanics to keep your rides in working order, assign handymen to make your park a pleasure to visit and add entertainers to amuse queuing customers.

Build Around The World: Start your career, then advance to new countries as your success grows. Unique shops, attractions and staff – many exclusive to Nintendo DS – add local character to your parks worldwide.

Create Your Own Character: Build a unique profile with a custom name, image and more, then use DS wireless to exchange profiles, visit other players’ parks and unlock Nintendo DS exclusive attractions, items and staff.

Manage Every Aspect: Control everything, from the speed of your rides to the amount of ice in your drinks. Invest in R & D to modify and improve attractions, shops and facilities and train your staff to create a fantastic park.

Be a Financial Wizard: Keep your books in order with the day-to-day details of park accounting. Deal with the bank, set ticket prices, tweak your shops’ costs to maximize profits, and use your skills to negotiate pay rises and set purchase prices.

The endresult:
Theme Park DS has a release date of March 23, 2007, in America and Europe.


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