Super Mario Galaxy a 2-player game with Mario and Luigi?

16 March 2007
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Super Mario Galaxy coming to Wii in 2007Super Mario Galaxy has been spotted on the official Wii Software website by Cubed3 as describing the upcoming adventure game as allowing for two players to take part. “Could Mario be joined by Luigi in a bid to save Peach once more?” The official description reads: “Players: 1-2 / Publisher: Nintendo”

Mario’s daddy Shigeru Miyamoto has been quoted before as saying “Super Mario Galaxy takes a lot of the experiments from Mario 128 and implements them in the game. Because of that it’s partly 128 but there are also elements that existed in Mario 128 like running around a sphere and gravity.” This of course brings back strong memories of magazine rumors back in the 90’s saying Mario 128 would feature both a playable Mario AND Luigi.

It remains to be seen if this is: A. CO-OP; B. a tag-multiplayer system (as seen in Donkey Kong Country); C. taking turns after each level (like most Super Mario Bros/World games); D. maybe just 2-player mini-games to flesh out a single-player main adventure (a la Sonic and the Secret of the Rings on Wii). — I’ll be wishing for co-op.


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