Nintendo ships 6 million Wii, promises to increase worldwide production

15 March 2007
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You might not recognize this box, but it's the Nintendo Wii boxNintendo Europe’s senior marketing director Laurent Fischer admitted the company is still struggling to meet consumer demand for the Wii as the console continues to sell out at retail just as quickly as it arrives.

Nintendo are planning to increase the production capacity, but that’s something that takes months. With new units shipping weekly Nintendo have shipped 6 million units and expect to sell them by the end of March as targeted. To quote Mr. Fisher: “It’s astonishing to think that with six million we’re not able to fulfill the initial demand.”

He continued: “We know that in the Japanese, US and European market to find a Wii on a daily basis it’s not so easy. You have to pre-register or pre-order from the retailer. We’re having difficulty coping with demand because of the recruiting power of the Wii. It’s even more powerful than anyone had guessed. We’re confident the strategy is working, we saw it with the DS, this is what happens when you reach an expanded audience and keep the regular gamers.” — Quotes from GI, via Joystiq


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