Space Station Tycoon, spiritual sequel to Outpost Kaloki X, comes to Wii

1 March 2007
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Space Station Tycoon Wii screenshot
Namco Bandai Games revealed Space Station Tycoon will be developed by Wahoo Studios, whose last project was the popular Outpost Kaloki X for Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360, and Space Station Tycoon shares much in common with its predecessor.

Space Station Tycoon is the latest in the series of Tycoon simulation titles. You take on the role of Shawn, a “wet-behind-the-ears kid” and his sarcastic friend Tam. Players use the Wii remote to manage galactic space stations, all the while increasing their income. The game comes to life with a unique storyline that revolves around witty banter and humorous plot progression. Space Station Tycoon is set for a summer 2007 release on Nintendo Wii.

“Space Station Tycoon utilizes the creative and unique functionality of the Wii by allowing gamers to emerge themselves in a type of tycoon gameplay never before experienced,” said Makoto Iwai, executive vice president and COO of Namco Bandai Games. “Its fun-loving characters and off-the-wall space station scenarios should have Wii owners scrambling to get their stations thriving.”

The developer is still exploring if they will run the game in 480 progressive-scan and 16:9 widescreen modes on Wii. Releasing additional content via Nintendo’s WiiConnect24 service is also being explored. While the game won’t feature an online Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection multiplayer mode, but it will have a co-op and party mode.

PS: It has monkeys and pirates in space! Interview at IGN.

Update June 17: Found the first video.


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