Nerf Sports Pack to stop Wii mishaps?

Nerf Sports Pack for Wii remote controllerHi! Welcome to another edition of completely useless Nintendo Wii remote controller attachments. Issue 1 was a Wii steering wheel. Issue 2 were tennis, golf & baseball accessories. Issue 3 knocked you out with Wii Boxing Gloves. And in this fourth issue third parties try to soften the Wiimote’s blow.

Performance Designed Products, the gaming accessory company that developed the Nerf PS2 controller, recently showed off the Nerf Sports Pack for Nintendo Wii at Toy Fair New York 2007. The Nerf Sports Pack includes a Nerf foam sleeve for the Wii remote and three Nerf sports attachments: a foam golf club, baseball bat, and tennis racket.

For those worried about flying Wiimotes, Nintendo was already offering replacement Wii straps, still this might be the soft, cushiony foam protective way to solve all your worries. The Nerf Sports Pack will retail this summer for around $15 to $30. — From Cnet, via Engadget