Guitar Hero II on Xbox 360 getting wireless guitar

Guitar Hero 2 Bundle for Xbox 360In an interview with Ted Lange, Associate Producer on Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360, IGN got answers to some pressing questions. No, we don’t mean “To rock, or not to rock?” Read the best bits to find out what.

Question: Was there a reason for shipping the Xbox 360 version with a wired guitar?
Answer: Yeah, if we were to cut the wire off it wouldn’t work; though seriously, it would be great to have a wireless guitar just as we did with the PS2 version, and hopefully we’ll be able to make it happen for our fans rather shortly.

Guitar Hero 2 Xbox 360 screenshotQuestion: Can you outline your plans for using Xbox Live to download fresh songs?
Answer: We’re still in the process of confirming the final details and continue to secure more licenses, we can definitely say nobody will be disappointed. We are planning on having more online content than anyone has ever seen in a game to this date.

Question: Were there any technical hurdles in porting Guitar Hero II across to the Xbox 360? Did you update the graphics to any great extent?
Answer: We bumped up everything, and each venue has been touched up with new lighting, the characters have been remodeled and shaded, and all of the art is now in HD for next-gen. Along with the ten added tracks on the game disc, we’re also adding the downloadable content and online leaderboards, so you really do have a whole new experience.

Question: Are there any particular extras or unlockables that are exclusive to the Xbox 360?
Answer: We have two exclusive unlockable tracks specifically for the Xbox 360 version, [ten extra songs over the PS2 version] and there will be 50 unlockable achievements.