Aqua Teen Hunger Force game announced for PS2

16 February 2007
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Volume One DVDG4TV reports Aqua Teen Hunger Force creator Dave Willis has said a PS2 game based on the popular Cartoon Network TV show will be released in the summer or Q3 of 2007. Midway will be making the “sort of a racing, violent golf game.”

The game will feature elements from the show that fans of the cult series have come to love. Mr. Willis further described the game as: “Frylock is admitted to Jersey Pines, the very prestigious golf course in Jersey, and Shake wants to play, so he goes about ruining the course. So you actually do play golf, but you’re battling the villains and some of your clubs might have a sawed-off shotgun. Carl’s gigantic crabs are lurking in the sandtraps, and the Brownie monsters, and obviously the Mooninites.”

In this DVD set the Moonites meet a game master from Aqua Teen Hunger ForceThe Mooninites characters Ignignokt and Err from the show have made the news on January 31, 2007, when a call suspecting one of them of being an explosive device prompted a wide search for them by police in Boston, Massachusetts. One of these lite-brites was even destroyed by the city’s bomb squad!

The devices were circuit boards wrapped in black electrical tape or duct tape and when turned on LEDs would show one of the characters displaying their middle finger. The devices included a light sensor, so the LEDs were only on at night. They had actually been there for two weeks already before someone called the police; see the ads being placed here:

Turner Broadcasting System confirmed that the lighted signs had been placed as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign (the lights were also placed in nine other cities without incident), and that the packages were in fact magnetic lights, not bombs, in a statement released on the evening of January 31. As part of a settlement that resolves all criminal and civil claims, Turner Broadcasting Systems and Interference Inc. agreed to pay $2 million. $1 million of this will go toward reimbursing the affected agencies, and $1 million will go toward Homeland Security. In addition, Turner released a statement to take responsibility and apologized for the incident. See the bomb squad blowing up Err here:

The game will likely follow after the series’ first theater movie, , that’s released in March. Take a look at the trailer for it here:


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