Wii Boxing Glove for Wii Sports gives that Powerglove feeling

Wii Sports Boxing Glove instructions
Hi. Allow me to introduce a hobby of mine. I’m a purveyor of inutile items, a term otherwise referred to as useless junk. That’s right, welcome to another edition of completely useless Wii remote attachments. Issue 1 was a Wii steering wheel. Issue 2 were tennis, golf & baseball accessories. And this third issue as it were is another doozy.

Wii Sports Boxing GloveOnline game shop Goldenshop has the Wii Boxing Glove for the Wii Sports game Boxing for sale at US$22. Is it the Powerglove kind of useless? You be the judge. So knock yourself, or rather, your “friend” out!

The accessory description reads:
* High quality 3rd party product.
* Enhance the joy of playing.
* Easy to use.

If you’re one of those “I want this!” people, let me put your mind at ease, Goldenshop exports from Hong Kong and is reliable. I’ve been shopping there since 1999 and never lost an item.