Katamari Damashii Online revived as Korean PC webgame

katamari damashii online
South Korean developer Cyberstep (of online fighting game GetAmped fame), in association with Windysoft, is reviving Namco Bandai‘s Katamari Damashii Online for PCs. Insertcredit translated that a contract was signed in November of 2006, and the companies have begun development with as goal a late 2007 release.

Katamari Damacy for PS2The new casual game takes the versus battle stages from the PS2 and PSP games and plants them into an online arena. There will also be community management, ‘pet’ and ‘house’ elements with collectibles and more (a la Animal Crossing and The Sims). You can make your own island, and get new clothing and whatnot from items you gather while rolling your ever-growing ball.

It’s not surprising considering the offbeat fun of Katamari and the huge popularity of Korean online Flash webgames like Kart Rider, with over 80 million players worldwide it earned $250 million in 2006 alone!