WipEout 3 for PS3 development underway at Sony

Wipeout Pure for PSPSony have hinted at WipEout sequels in June 2006 when they were looking for new staff. Now, the latest issue of Develop magazine (a free download) has an interview with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) in Liverpool, UK, as their cover story. Most notably the feature discusses WipEout for PSP and PS3!

After the SCEE team talks about finishing WipEout Pure and working on the PS3 racer F1 Championship Edition, they say: “The approach will presumably replicate itself for the next PSP installment of WipEout and its PS3 debut. We can’t say much about either game yet, aside from acknowledge their existence.”

But they do mention possibly adding “Sixaxis controls, maybe online multiplayer and downloadable content.” To the latter he says “[The PS3] has a learning curve a lot easier than the vector units on the PS2. And with one PS3 title already in the can [F1 Championship Edition], the challenge for us now is to stay ahead of the curve.” Yes Sony, online play is a must!