Unreal Tournament 2007 renamed to UT3 and delayed to 2nd half of 2007 for PC, PS3 & also Xbox 360

Unreal Anthology includes 4 previous games in the series for $27 on PCSince you can’t very well name a game after the actual year it comes out (it’s a future thing, don’t ask) Unreal Tournament 2007 has not been renamed 2008, but instead to Unreal Tournament III. Midway held a press event yesterday in which they also revealed a delay of the PC, PS3 & Xbox 360 game to the second half of 2007. You didn’t misread that, after hinting at UT on Xbox 360 last year, it’s now official.

Using Epic’s own Unreal Engine 3 the FPS game promises beautiful graphics and brutal futuristic weapons. Changes include: increased aggressiveness and intelligence of the AI, more gameplay modes -like the new Warfare mode- and characters to choose from, and over 24 weapons like the new long-range Shock Rifle and short-range Flack Cannon.

Epic plans to provide advanced online changes to suit all three platforms, bringing seamless loading, improved matchmaking and co-operative campaign online play. Here’s the first Unreal Tournament III trailer that shows new weapon models and the “KRALL”.