Wii Sports getting tennis racket, golf club and baseball bat controller attachments in Japan

15 January 2007
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Wii Sports attachments
Welcome to another edition of completely useless Wii remote attachments. Last year we showed you the somewhat useless piece of plastic called the Wii steering wheel. Ubisoft’s Monster 4×4 & GT Pro Series includes a free Wii steering wheel attachment made by Thrustmaster.

Today we promise nothing and still under-deliver. PEGA’s sport pack for Wii will set you back 2,780 Yen (that’s $23 or €18) and you can pre-order it at Visavis for a late January release. For that price you get four head-mounts for the Wii remote. These plastic attachments are the 40cm (16 inch) long baseball bat, a tennis racket, and a golf club, all for use with Wii Sports. Special thanks to Troidal for digging this up.


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