Zelda’s Tingle RPG being translated into English for Europe

5 January 2007
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Tingle's Rose-coloured Rupee Land for DS available at Amazon JapanGood news for “Kooloo Limpha!” Tingle fans. According to Cubed3 the zany Legend of Zelda character is getting his own RPG spinoff Nintendo DS game translated into English for a European release date in 2007. Released on September 2nd, 2006, in Japan it has already sold over 200,000 units.

This, after famous critics’ magazine Famitsu rated “Tingle’s Freshly-Picked Rose-Colored Rupee Land” 33/40 meaning the four reviews averaged 82.5% out of 100%.

Read what Tingle’s story is in “The Legend of the Fairy
Update: Nintendo has confirmed the game is renamed “Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland”.

PS: Europe today received Super Mario Bros. (NES, 500 Wii Points, 1-2 players) and Motoroader (TurboGrafx, 600 Wii Points, 1-5 players) on the Virtual Console download service. Sometimes I wish Nintendo and other game developers would use this Shop Channel to easily make available some of their more wacky titles, without all the production costs a very Japanese game could prove to be a hit worldwide.


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