1 Million PS3 units shipped worldwide

22 December 2006
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Sony PlayStation 3Videogame Charts got their hands on Sony’s PlayStation 3 shipment numbers. They show:

Japan has received 390,000 PS3 units.
The Americas have received 620,000 PS3 units.
Which would put PS3 at 1.01 million units worldwide.

However, these are shipped numbers, which the latest Media Create sales numbers from Japan confirm. Last week in Japan, 70,942 PS3’s were sold, bringing the total in customers’ hands there to 308,949 units. Compared to 390,000 units shipped now, that’s a difference of 81,051, which probably sold this week.

Nintendo’s Wii has sold 2.34 million units in about the same time span of a month. And after a year on the market Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has reportedly sold 7.12 million units.


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