Line Rider webgame coming to Wii and DS in spring 2007

20 December 2006
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inXile Entertainment has bought the rights to the popular Flash game Line Rider. Via 1UP they announced plans to release versions on both the Nintendo DS and Wii spring 2007. The company says new features will be added.

In the online Flash webgame Line Rider, you draw a line from top-left to bottom-right, which then acts as the floor and ceiling. After you’re done penciling in your lines, while moving around the drawing area, you press the play button to see your LineRider try to sled down your slope.

“Line Rider began its life as a project I did for illustration class,” said Bostjan Cadez, Line Rider’s Slovenian creator. “As much as people see it as a game I think of it as a toy because there is no score and no one wins or loses while playing Line Rider.” And it’s surprisingly addictive!

This video shows what a larger drawing does with LineRider:
I thought the below video was pretty funny!

The environments & writings on the walls are well done ๐Ÿ™‚


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